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Client Testimonials

What Daniel Brown Law’s clients say about us:

The lawyers at Daniel Brown Law work extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and values receiving their feedback.

Here is just a small sample of testimonials from former clients who were thoughtful enough to share their experiences.

These testimonials are anonymous to protect the identities of past clients.

In life one sometimes makes terrible mistakes that one regrets. The only positive thing was to find Daniel Brown to represent me in my case of theft under $5,000. I was confused and depressed and he was there to thoroughly explain and answer any of my questions. The outcome has been positive and I could not have accomplished it without Daniel Brown. I neither had the strength nor the right frame of mind. He is a criminal lawyer I would highly recommend.

Anything that I can say about Mr. Daniel Brown won’t be enough; he’s a great lawyer, bright, effective, diligent and personable. Knows the law and commands respect in the court. I contacted Daniel after doing many research online and he proved to me that he’s the best. The first time I contacted him, I was charged by my wife after she called the police and told them that I threaten to kill her, which was a lie from her… Daniel was honest with and explained to me all the options that can happen and what his defense plan. I liked his organized way of processing my case and everything starts from there… He was available all the time, even in the weekends, anytime I send him emails. His response was quick and accurate. After two months, all the charges were withdrawn without criminal record. I would say he saved my life. Thanks Daniel. I highly recommend his services to anyone.

I think of Daniel as the son I never had. I got into a silly argument with my neighbour which turned into a criminal charge for me. I was shocked and embarrassed. Daniel went to court and got the problem solved with very little stress for me and my wife. I am happy have kept my record clean and avoided the added expense and aggravation of a trial. Grazie, amico mio!

Thank you Daniel. Its not everyday that a person gets a second chance.

I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome service, I had a good feeling about this all along. I’m just glad that you saw the value of what I had brought to you to explain my case. I’m sure you felt this was one of your easier cases; yet you took care of it as if it were your highest priority challenge case and I appreciate that. I couldn’t get to say this in person over to you – but you are better than the Lincoln Lawyer (if you don’t know what I mean, watch the movie). Terrific job! I never want to have to resort to your services again, but it does mean I don’t want to keep tabs. Keep in touch man.

I cannot put into words how happy and satisfied I was after retaining Daniel Brown to represent me. My situation was a tricky due to the complexity of the charge against me. The prosecution was standing firmly on their position and wanted a conviction. It took some strategic and timely thinking from Daniel to soften up the prosecutor’s stance and ultimately convince them to drop the charge. In addition to getting the perfect result, I have to comment on the process. This whole thing was extremely embarrassing and stressful for me. Daniel was compassionate, understanding and never judgmental. Throughout the process, Daniel would check in with me and answer any questions I had. I hope to never have to hire him again, but if a friend or family member was in need, I would strongly recommend Daniel to be their lawyer. Thanks a million!

I have now hired Mr. Brown to represent me on two different occasions. The first time I used Mr. Brown was a few years ago. He helped me get a small drug charge dropped. I recently hired Mr. Brown again to assist me with an even bigger drug case. This time I was found not guilty. I hope that I never need his services again but I am confident that Mr. Brown can solve any problem I might encounter in the future.

I was charged with impaired driving and refusing to give a breath sample. I met with many lawyers before I chose Daniel. At our first meeting, he was able to look at the evidence and tell me off the top of his head a bunch of different ways he thought he could win the case. I was impressed. From that moment, I knew he was different from the other lawyers I met who all told me to “trust them” or that it was “too early to discuss trial strategy”. What I learned is that not every criminal lawyer knows about drinking and driving cases even though they all act like they do. I was lucky to have found Daniel Brown. He knows his stuff and convinced the judge that I was not guilty. I owe everything to him.

My sincerest gratitude to you for all of your help with my case. I’ll definitely be recommending your services to anyone needing a criminal lawyer.

We live in a small town approximately an hour north of Toronto. When our son was charged with drug trafficking we spoke to several lawyers in our area and every one of them told him to plead guilty even before they saw any of the evidence in his case. We knew right then that hiring a experienced lawyer from Toronto was a better choice for him. We were so pleased to meet with Mr. Brown. He took a much different approach to our son’s case. Right from the first meeting, Mr. Brown spoke to us about the legal issues involved in the case and a strategy he had in mind to achieve a positive result. Amazingly, everything Mr. Brown predicted in the case came true. He was able to prove that the police illegally searched our house and the judge dismissed the case after hearing all of the evidence. We are so glad we made the decision to look outside of our community for lawyer and we are so grateful for all Mr. Brown has done for our family.

You did a wonderful job at our son’s bail hearing. Thank you for helping us on such short notice. Rowena & George S.

My ex girlfriend made up some crazy lies about me. I was charged with sexual assault, possession of drugs and kidnapping. I was recommended to Daniel by a friend of mine who had a previous experience with him. Daniel did everything I could have asked for and more. He fought for me every step of the way. We spent hours and hours preparing my case for trial and he obviously spent many more hours preparing to expose my girlfriend and her friends as liars. I was found not guilty of everything. I am so happy with the lawyer I chose and the results I achieved. Saying “thank you” doesn’t come close to expressing my appreciation for all of your efforts.

Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!! In 2011, I got dragged into the court system. I had no idea what to do or who could help me. Thankfully, I found Daniel’s website online and decided to give him a call. Right from the start I knew I had found the lawyer for me. Daniel took the time to speak with me on the phone and gave me some really great advice. I immediately felt better after spending just a few minutes talking to him. He was always available to take my calls or answer my emails. I was a nervous wreak! In the end, Daniel was able to get my charge dropped and my fingerprints and mugshot photo destroyed. I’m so glad that all of my legal troubles are behind me and I can go back to my ordinary life. I hope I never need Daniel’s help again but I would definitely recommend him to anyone else in my shoes.

I am so grateful to Daniel for everything he did for me. I was one of those people who figured I would never need a criminal lawyer. I had a good job and a good education and I almost lost everything when I was charged with a DUI last Christmas. Right from the start, Daniel assured me he could solve my case and protect my criminal record. He delivered. It took nearly 12 months but Daniel argued the hell out of my case in court and won! He is a true fighter. Please accept my words of thanks. You have given me my life back.

Mr. Brown did what I thought was the impossible when he convinced the prosecutor to drop my criminal charges. I am a professional and spent countless nights worrying about my future. Mr. Brown fought hard to get me the result I needed and gave me great advice about how I could get there without going through the expense of a costly trial. Mr. Brown was also available to discuss my case anytime I needed him to be there. I hope to never need his help again but he will be the first call I make if I ever end up in trouble again.

Fantastic criminal lawyer. Daniel delivered on all of his promises. I can’t thank you enough.

I had a very good experience with Mr. Brown. He knows a lot about the law and used excellent trial strategy to solve my case. He always seemed to be one step ahead of the prosecutor.

Great guy and an even better lawyer. Daniel is quick on his feet and did everything he promised. He is a true professional.

I was charged with domestic assault and my wife testified how I had repeatedly assaulted her. Daniel patiently prepared me to give evidence and what to expect in cross examination and at the end of the trial I was found not guilty.

Lawyer for Life! Mr. Brown is the best. My son was charged with robbery. Mr. Brown won his trial and now he is free to pursue his career as a law enforcement officer. I am so happy. God Bless!!!

My boyfriend was charged with assaulting me and he was ordered by the judge not to come near me. I never wanted him charged and Daniel was able to get us back together and get the charges dropped. Thanks!

Daniel represented me at my bail hearing and got me released right away without many restrictions. My co-accused used a different lawyer and he wasn’t allowed to leave the house while I was able to work and go to school. Daniel was there for me when I needed him the most.

The best lawyer!!! Last summer I was falsely accused of domestic assault. Mr. Brown took the case to trial and showed that my ex-wife was lying to everyone to help win her more spousal support in our divorce case. I am so relieved and thankful for all of Mr. Brown’s efforts. He was amazing in court and spent many hours preparing the case with me. Thank you!!!

I hired Mr. Brown to represent me on some serious drug possession and drug trafficking charges. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the police searched my friend’s apartment. We were all arrested even though I had nothing to do with it. I am in the financial industry and a criminal record was not an option for me. Thankfully, Mr. Brown found a way to negotiate with the prosecutor to have all of my charges dropped.

Daniel Brown represented me in court on an assault charge. I was scared and worried that the case would affect my job and my ability to travel. Daniel spent a great deal of time working out a strategy to get my charges dropped without ever going to trial. I am so thankful I found him. S.S.