Understanding Canadian Criminal Law

What does it cost to hire a criminal defence lawyer?

Explaining the fee structure for hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto:

Every case is different. Determining the cost of defending a case will depend upon a number of factors including the nature of the criminal law problem to be solved, its complexity, and the legal objectives sought to be accomplished.

Daniel Brown will normally discuss his fees at the end of the first client meeting after he has assessed the type of criminal problem facing his client and understood the complexity of the work involved. The fees and services are always clearly set out in writing, and Daniel Brown generally bills on a block-fee basis, not hourly.

Most of Daniel Brown’s clients prefer block-fee billing as it provides a degree of certainty about their legal expenses from the outset of their case.

Block-fee billing also allows Daniel’s clients to rest easier knowing they can consult with him without added cost and without fear that their matter may be unduly prolonged in court at their expense.

With a block-fee bill, it is in both the client’s interest and the lawyer’s interest to address the criminal matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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