Kendra Rossi – Law Clerk hear my name

Kendra Rossi– Law Clerk

hear my name


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Kendra Rossi acts as the firm’s legal clerk, diligently coordinating schedules and administrative tasks for the Daniel Brown Law team and their clients.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree with a specialization in Human Resources from the Odette School of Business at Windsor University as well as a Paralegal Diploma from Seneca College.

Kendra comes from the not-for-profit world, where creative problem solving isn’t just an interesting sideline; it’s essential for survival.

She is constantly on the lookout for novel ways to refine existing processes and improve the end experience for the firm’s clients.  There’s no project so large and no document so complex that she won’t take it on.

Kendra can be reached at or by phone at (416) 297-7200 x115.

Julia Kirby
Julia Kirby